Ed Driscoll

Bad News: The Washington Post Eliminates the Position of Ombudsman

WaPo CEO (and niece of the Talking Heads’ bassist) Katharine Weymouth writes:

The world has changed, and we at The Post must change with it. We have been privileged to have had the service of many talented ombudsmen (and women) who have addressed readers’ concerns, answered their questions and held The Post to the highest standards of journalism. Those duties are as critical today as ever. Yet it is time that the way these duties are performed evolves.

We will appoint a reader representative shortly to address our readers’ concerns and questions. Unlike ombudsmen in the past, the reader representative will be a Post employee. The representative will not write a weekly column for the page but will write online and/or in the newspaper from time to time to address reader concerns, with responses from editors, reporters or business executives as appropriate.

Oh noes! Without an ombudsman, how will the Post mock apologize for the entire paper’s staff voting for Obama? Justify its hit pieces on any candidate with an (R) after his name? Simultaneously advocate for gay marriage while claiming to be objective (after previously admitting how deeply the paper was in the tank for Obama)? And last but not least, when on earth will that backlog of corrections from 2008 and 2009 ever be completed?