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Thousands of Mourners Attend Memorial for Navy SEAL Chris Kyle at Cowboys Stadium

As a follow up to our post last week on the murder of former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, the author of American Sniper, the London Daily Mail reports that "Thousands of mourners attended a memorial service today for [Kyle], as his wife and young children paid painful tribute alongside his military colleagues who spoke of his unrelenting loyalty to them," inside Cowboys Stadium in Arlington Texas. Click over to the Daily Mail for photos

Many more photos can be found at the Forth Worth Star-Telegram, including those lined up outside the stadium, and photos of Randy Travis, who sang "Amazing Grace" at the service.

Update: At Twitchy, "Beautiful: Thousands gather at Cowboys Stadium to remember slain hero Chris Kyle [photos, video]" plus, "Tears flow as Taya Kyle eulogizes husband; Marine offers glove."