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The Subtle Understatement and Dignity that is Fleet Street

Last night, I posted a link to the London Daily Mail story on the reported death at age 29 of "Impossible is Nothing" early viral video "star" Aleksey Vayner. At the time of the post, the Daily Mail was reporting that the cause of death was unknown. Today, the paper brings things up to date, in a headline that's a mastery of British understatement and subtlety:

'Do not, anyone, sell this idiot ANY pills!' 

Somebody at the Daily Mail is clearly auditioning to be the next Piers Morgan.

Related: Speaking of whom, "‘Gun Girls’ Humiliate CNN Tool Piers Morgan:"

He referred to Blankenship and Bigelow as “The Gun Girls,” – something liberal women would certainly not tolerate – and he asked them to justify their “need” for an AR-15.

And they preceded to do just that.