California Focuses on the Big Issues

Santa Monica, apparently having solved all of its other problems, finally gets to work on the city’s most vexatious issue: too many people training, exercising, and getting into shape, outdoors in the city’s parks:


Keeping up New Year’s resolutions to get in shape might get tougher thanks to Santa Monica City Council’s proposition to ramp up regulations on outdoor fitness classes this spring.

The council is considering banning all classes with more than two participants in the city’s most popular workout spot, Palisades Park.

“Palisades park is a public park and doing commercial enterprise in a public park or a public facility really should have regulations around it,” says Santa Monica’s Director of Community and Cultural Services Karen Ginsberg. “The recommendation is to limit private trainers for compensation.”

Additionally, the council could impose a 15 percent fee on all trainers’ profits over and above the already required business license, permit, insurance, and city tax.

ReasonTV’s Kennedy tried out one of the outdoor classes, Sonki Fitness’ Bootcamp, to see what all the fuss was about.

“It’s a park, it’s not a museum,” says Kennedy, “this is what people should be doing with their outdoor spaces.”


But then, isn’t all of California simply one giant museum for failed “Progressive” policies?

Which brings us Sacramento, the progressive museum’s main wing, where Jerry Brown has a plan to stick to the man. The man being you. And me. And everyone else in the state who will be paying an additional 33 percent in energy costs thanks to the environmentally correct left.  That unicorn flatulence doesn’t grow on trees, you know. (Though given the state of magical thinking in California, hey, maybe it does.)

And finally in DC, California’s Dianne Feinstein engages in Assault Kabuki today.

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