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Client #9's Second Chakra Suffers Shrinkage

(Well, that’s what I hear, as Dr. Peter Venkman would say.)

“Eliot Spitzer loses another TV job: Ex-New York governor dumped by Current TV after it is taken over by Al Jazeera,” according to the London Daily Mail:


First CNN, now Current TV.

Former New York state governor Eliot Spitzer is on his way out the door from another television gig – this time due to changes at the top as Middle Eastern media giant Al Jazeera finalizes its deal to buy Al Gore’s Current TV channel for $500 million.

Spitzer ‘has chosen to step back from hosting,’ and will no longer appear on his show ‘Viewpoint,’ a Current spokeswoman said on Sunday.

Spitzer, the disgraced politician turned liberal television host, confirmed the news, noting that his professional relationship was with the station’s co-founders and not Al Jazeera, which is owned by the country Qatar.

Current TV’s mission will be different going forward, he said, emphasizing that the channel’s new owners will focus more on international newscasts rather than liberal analysis of the news.

‘I view Al Jazeera as a very serious journalistic outfit,’ Spitzer, 53, said. ‘They have proven to observers around the world that they are serious and objective.’

Presumably Spitzer’s successor also thinks that Al Jazeera is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful television network he’s ever known in his life as well. Jim Treacher breaks the big news:


Beginning tonight, Spitzer is being replaced by John Fugelsang!

Ahem. Maybe you didn’t hear me? I said… John Fugelsang!

Okay, fine, Google him.

As with Rosie O’Donnell, whom the Gods destroy, they first grant jobs as VH-1 VJs.

Meanwhile, further Qatar-backed cuts are coming to Al-Jazeera soon as well, Big Journalism notes: “Though [axing Spitzer] is the first pro-active move by Al Jazeera, two other Current hosts, former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm and California’s lieutenant governor Gavin Newsom, have already said they will be leaving the network in the coming weeks.”

Still no word though, if Al-Jazeera will become the next network for Keith Olbermann to eventually be fired from.

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