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Say, How's that Arab Spring Working Out?

Throughout 2011, when western liberal intellectuals were blindly praising the coming "democracy" of the Arab Spring, Kate McMillan of Canada's Small Dead Animals blog kept spotting signs that perhaps things in the Middle East weren't going as smoothly as they seemed at first glance. A running theme on her blog, capturing the mood of the people of the Middle East was "What We Really Need Is Democracy. With a totalitarian party to vote for."

And at that moment, it appears that's exactly how it's worked out in yet another nation there, as "President of Egypt grants himself dictatorial powers."

Unexpectedly! as Bloomberg.com might say. Besides, what could possibly go wrong?

(And speaking of leftist naïveté, ongoing Middle Eastern debacles and recurring leitmotifs at SDA -- now is the time when they juxtapose.)