Ed Driscoll


“Sit back, put your feet up, and enjoy #EmptyChairDay,” Twitchy suggests, along with numerous photographic examples of people doing just that. The Legal Insurrection blog also has plenty of empty chair photos from today in a three-part series and as a result, wound-up making Fox News. And Doug Ross has several Empty Chair photoshops here. In contrast, Politico was taken by surprise by this “unexpected” development.

Speaking of President Empty Chair, now is the time when we juxtapose, Small Dead Animals-style:

“Everything is Fake Now.”

— Headline by Daniel Greenfield at his Sultan Knish blog.

“Obama Must Remake Political Persona for Any Second Term.”

— Veteran liberal journalist Albert Hunt at Bloomberg.com, today.

And it gets better. Hunt’s piece begins with this:

There still are Kennedy Democrats; there are Clinton Democrats. There are fewer Obama Democrats.

This reflects more the president’s style than his substance; he’s in the mainstream of his party, so popular that any primary challenge was out of the question.

Yet he remains strangely unfamiliar to some core constituencies.

He does? We’ve been hearing that refrain for almost six years now. How long can liberal journalists type that cliche with a straight face?

Plus also in Hunt’s article, the inevitable Obama as cool aloof Spockian anthropologist cliche, yet again.

Update: “Perilously liberal actor John Cusack,” as Noel Sheppard memorably describes him at Newsbusters, may have actually stumbled over the clearest definition of the president’s persona yet.

More: “All your furniture are belong to Ed Driscoll,” Stacy McCain’s co-blogger Smitty writes.

Well, all your Mies van der Rohe furniture, at least.