Ed Driscoll

'Will the Left Pause After DC Shooting?'

That’s the question asked by Jonathan S. Tobin of Commentary.

I’d be happy to be proven wrong, but my immediate response — and I’ll bet yours too, is: no. The Giffords shooting* was an incident involving an New Age-obsessed nutbar, which was instantly spun into a vaguely Tea Party or rightwing-related incident by Obama and the MSM. (See also: Bill Clinton attempting to blame the Oklahoma Federal Bombing on talk radio.) In contrast, today’s incident involved a shooter who allegedly had ties to a LGBT organization, carried Chick-fil-A related merchandise according to NBC, and according to Fox News, begged the FRC guard after shooting him, “Don’t shoot me, it was not about you, it was what this place stands for.”

All of which makes this story infinitely harder to spin for the MSM. Instead, as Ace writes, “The media coverage on this is going to be… nonexistent. Prepare to be outraged as never before as the media simply embargoes this, almost entirely.” (QED.) And thus, no need for any timeout in the culture war from the left.

Or to quote again from Jim Treacher, “It’s only an ‘atmosphere of hate’ if it’s useful to liberals.”

* Which among the shooters’ victims, also resulted in the death of the Bush #41-appointed Federal Judge John M. Roll. Funny how that narrative-cluttering detail has been forgotten.

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