And the Role of the Killer Rabbit Will Be Played By...

…President Obama himself this time around, instead of Jimmy Carter:

The owner of an Akron restaurant where President Barack Obama stopped for breakfast this morning died, apparently of a heart attack, shortly after meeting him.

Josephine “Ann” Harris, 70, of Copley Township, was taken by ambulance to Akron General Medical Center after complaining of fatigue and a tingling feeling*. She was pronounced dead at 11:18 a.m., according to the Summit County Medical Examiner’s Office.

Harris, just a few hours before, had the honor of meeting — and hugging — Obama when he stopped at her family’s restaurant, Ann’s Place, on South Hawkins Avenue for breakfast. …

Obama stopped in Ann’s Place for breakfast about 8:30 a.m. Harris was ecstatic about his visit when a Beacon Journal reporter spoke to her shortly afterward.


As John Podhoretz wrote in September of 2010, anticipating the Democratic House’s loss in the midterms that year, “Something weird happens when presidencies go wrong:”

Something weird happens when presidencies go wrong — presidents become incompetent at doing the things they were always able to do in their sleep, and their aides follow suit. I noted this when I wrote my first book, Hell of a Ride, about the decline and fall of the first President Bush, back in 1993. When Bush spoke, it rained, and his advancemen weren’t quick-thinking enough to move his events indoors. When he went to Japan on a state visit, he vomited. He was so intent on getting out his message of the day that he referred to it as “Message: I Care.”

So it’s a pair of one-term presidential train wrecks combined — Jimmy Carter’s killer rabbit meets George H.W. Bush’s disastrous food-related incident. Plus this, as an Obama shill in the audience gets called out as well: “BUSTED!… Sobbing Ohio Woman at Obama Campaign Stop Just Happens to Be ‘Obama’s Best Fan,’ Jim Hoft writes at Gateway Pundit.


So arguably, it’s not all bad news coming out of Mr. Obama’s visit to Ohio: clearly, he’s doing wonders for that farm region’s planting efforts.

* Chris Matthews, call your doctor, stat!


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