Ed Driscoll

Fire All of Your Guns at Once and Explode Into Space

Whoops: San Diego residents heard — and saw — the earth-shattering kaboom last night:

Folks in San Diego witnessed what was either the worst Fourth of July fireworks celebration — or the absolute best — when a technical malfunction caused all of their pyrotechnics to go off at the same time. The annual Big Bay Boom extravaganza began and ended in spectacular fashion when an inadvertent signal set off the explosions about five minutes early and caused the entire 18 minute show to take place in about 15 seconds. Confused spectators waited around for what they thought was going to be the rest of the show, but were sent home and told the show (that was supposed to be choreographed to music) was canceled.

Some fans may been been disappointed, but at least the rest of us got some cool pictures and video out of it. Here’s two of the best. First a photo, posted on Instagram by user Ben Baller (and “liked” by about 10,000 people) then one of several videos of the show posted on YouTube. Enjoy your birthday present, America!


On the other hand, at least San Diego gets points for making an effort. The Daily Mud blog rounds up screen-caps of homepages from Fox, CNN, the Washington Post, Google, MSNBC and the New York Times yesterday, and notes that grim view of the world from MSNBC and Pinch Avenue: “At New York Times, you wouldn’t know it’s Independence Day.”

The Moonbattery blog notes Google’s…interesting…choice for their splash page: a homage to the man that City Journal’s Howard Husock once dubbed, “America’s Most Successful Communist.”

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