Question Asked and Answered

An Insta-reader asks Glenn Reynolds:

ON THE MID-ATLANTIC POWER OUTAGE, reader Wayne Fiebick writes: “Where is the outrage at President Obama at the lack of Federal response that there was over Bush/Katrina?” Ask Kanye West.


Or the MSM, which sagely nodded their heads and remained silent when as a candidate in early 2008, Obama vowed to bankrupt energy companies, presumably because on some level they were fine with the concept themselves (“fundamental transformation,” and all that.) There’s less power being consumed, less economic production; from the Catch-22 worldview of radical environmentalism, less air conditioning to be “rationed away” — these are all good things to be encouraged.

Speaking of which, a recent report from Australia’s Sidney Morning Herald notes that its publisher, Fairfax Media, a prominent Australian-New Zealand multimedia firm will be shedding up to 1,900 employees and closing two of its printing facilities (warning: auto-play video at link).

Since Fairfax, along with the World Wildlife Federation, helped to bring you the annual “Earth Hour,” in which the lamps go out all over not just Europe, but in much of the non-North Korean world as well, presumably they view their own economic malaise on some level as a positive, no?

Update: “Turning Green…in a hot, dark apartment.”


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