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When the American people support “liberal” policies and politicians, the MSM is quick to praise the collective thoughtfulness of the nation’s voters. But when a majority of Americans choose to move in a direction contraindicated by their betters in the legacy media, it’s time to break out the car antenna. Back in November of 1994, Peter Jennings infamously referred to the American voters — aka, his customers — as having a childish “temper tantrum” because they dared elect a majority Republican Congress for the first time in 40 years:


Some thoughts on those angry voters. Ask parents of any two-year-old and they can tell you about those temper tantrums: the stomping feet, the rolling eyes, the screaming. It’s clear that the anger controls the child and not the other way around. It’s the job of the parent to teach the child to control the anger and channel it in a positive way. Imagine a nation full of uncontrolled two-year-old rage. The voters had a temper tantrum last week….Parenting and governing don’t have to be dirty words: the nation can’t be run by an angry two-year-old.

Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post would repeat the same slur 16 years later in the fall of 2010. (Robinson’s lack of empathy would later become even more acute.) Back then, in article titled “Paradise Lost — America was great, once (in November 2008),” Jonathan Last of the Weekly Standard had lots of fun comparing quotes from pundits in 2008 who first reveled in the American Experiment when a majority of the American people elected Barack Obama to the presidency — and then trashed those same voters when they dared return the GOP to majority control of Congress as a check upon Obama’s more punitive policies. (We had a sneak preview of the MSM’s anger at their consumers back in August of that year, during Obama’s Ground Zero Mosque debacle.)

And with recent polls indicating that Mr. Obama may have some difficulty returning to the White House next year, it’s time for the MSM to once again blame their readers for daring to have a mind of their own. Or as Ace (who inspired our headline above) writes, “Have Obama’s Poll Numbers Slipped? I Guess It’s Time For an Article About How Stupid and Ill-Informed and Emotional American Voters Are:”


We didn’t see this article when Obama’s numbers touched 50% for the first time in years.

Nor did we see it when Obama won the election.

But now? Well, if Obama’s numbers have fallen precipitously, it must be time for liberals to explain to other liberals that the public is stupid.

That Forrest Gump picture is really there in the article. You know, the retarded man.

Voters are appalled at President Barack Obama’s handling of gas prices, even though virtually every policy expert in both parties says there’s little a president can do to affect the day-to-day price of fuel in a global market.

Perhaps the stupid voters remember a “policy expert” named Barack Obama, who they were assured was a rara avis expert in all things, slamming George W. Bush for gas prices in 2008.

And perhaps they remember the press not contradicting him, but in fact running a lot of stories linking high gas prices to Bush policies.

Perhaps they’re not stupid — or at least not as stupid as the media-liberal complex requires them to be.

In any event, the public knows that there are a series of supply-boosting steps Obama vetoes.

Despite what “virtually every policy expert” may say.

By the way, I know a lot of “policy experts” who do in fact charge that Obama’s supply-limiting policies are driving up the price of gas.

I guess Alexander Burns doesn’t have their emails.

If he shoots me an email, I could put him in touch.

I can’t expect him to do his job for himself.

If 2010 was any indication, the more of these MSM freakout articles between now and November we see (particularly at JournoList-tainted Websites) as we get closer to the fall, the better we’ll get a sense of how painful November might be shaping up for the man whom they’re carrying water for. Or as Michelle Malkin writes in her latest column, devoted to the latest effort by CNN’s Soledad O’Brien to beclown herself, “When you vet the president, you vet the media. And they don’t like the narrative table-turning one bit.”


Almost as much as they dislike their audiences.

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