Ed Driscoll

File It Away

If and when gas prices hit five dollars this year, back in 2008, both Obama and the high priests of the MSM — NBC, the New York Times and the Washington Postwere all onboard with the concept, and the San Francisco Chronicle never batted an eye when Obama similarly called for higher energy prices by bankrupting coal companies. Bankrupting sectors of the economy is rarely something you hear from a presidential candidate, and should have immediately sent red flags up at the newspaper, but their editorial board was “unexpectedly” not very curious to pursue the story — go figure. And then there’s Obama’s recent rejection of the Keystone XL Pipeline.

If journalists at those institutions have the chutzpah to produce another round of sob stories about average working people suffering under higher energy prices, we’ll know it’s all boilerplate, and that their bosses at least aren’t themselves very sympathetic to the idea.