NBC's Chuck Todd Unintentionally Red-Lines the Irony Meter

“NBC‘s Chuck Todd blasted Stephen Colbert’s recent political exploits, saying the Comedy Central host is essentially making a mockery of the political system and likely pushing an anti-Republican agenda.”


As opposed to Todd’s employers at NBC and (especially) MSNBC.

Related: The Anchoress on the MSM and their non-denial denial (as Jason Robards portraying Ben Bradlee would say, to continue the theme of actors playing journalists) on the Standing-O Newt Gingrich received when he told CNN’s John King where to put his microphone:

Perhaps they are in denial. They have a very tidy playbook about how to go about destroying Republican candidates: you call them stupid; you call them crazy; you feature ugly or unflattering pictures of them; you delve into their trash and their college transcripts (but only theirs) or you expose their sins (but only theirs), confident in the knowledge that people are sheep, susceptible to gossip and the media’s leading leash; conservatives, after all, are judgmental “values voters” who will (according to the playbook) be repelled by tawdry stories of narcissistic (Republican, only) politicians who serially cheat on their wives!

And last night, John King asked a question about Newt Gingrich’s past marriage issues — this is a big gun that’s supposed to do serious damage — and the thing backfired on them; it blew up in their hands as the audience “became uniform” in expressing its disgust not for the tawdry politician, but for the press that has become so nakedly overt in its bias, and so selective in what it finds newsworthy and what it does not.

The standing ovation for Newt’s remarks were not an endorsement of his behavior — many conservatives are troubled by Gingrich’s past and character does matter to them, while other conservatives are remembering their own sins and falling back on what they know of mercy, for the time being. No, that ovation was an endorsement of Gingrich’s disdain for the mainstream media, which they share, and a declaration to that same media that their playbook is played-out.


If the MSM is looking for balance when it comes investigative political reporting, a couple of modest proposals may be found here.


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