Nobody Buries a Lead Like The Hill

“Before the dinner, Obama hit the links, spending nearly seven hours at the Ko’olau Golf Club with Mike Ramos, Greg Orme and long-time friend Robert Titcomb, who earlier this year plead no contest to soliciting a prostitute in Honolulu.


— From an article in The Hill titled “Obamas enjoy multicourse tasting menu,” and buried eight paragraphs in. Because he has an infinitely better nose for news, that’s the line that Matt Drudge focuses on for his headline at the Drudge Report: “Obama spends 7 hours at golf course with hooker-soliciting buddy…”

Actually, I shouldn’t say nobody buries a lead like The Hill — in January of 2008,  The San Francisco Chronicle was handed the headline of the year on a silver platter by Obama, which they sat on in plain sight for the entire year. But when you’re that deep in the tank, you gotta do what you gotta do to keep your candidate, now president, propped up.


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