2011: A SCOAMF Odyssey

At the Washington Post, Jennifer Rubin writes “President Obama has had the worst year of his presidency. Or, to be more precise, his performance this year has been the worst of his presidency.” I’m not sure if I’d agree 100% with the first half of that equation, since America will be digging out for years from the damage the Obama administration caused in 2009 alone. But still, by any objective standard, it was pretty bad. Here’s a sample of some of the low points that Jennifer rounds up:


It was a year of shocking irresponsibility and demagoguery. He denounced the Ryan-Wyden Medicare plan as he had Ryan’s original Medicare reform plan. He let the Simpson-Bowles debt reduction plan wither on the vine. He lifted not a finger to make use of the supercommittee he had agreed to create. He put forth no tax reform plan. If there has been a more slothful performance in and hyper-partisan use of the Oval Office in recent years I am hard-pressed to recall it. Frankly, Congress should run against the do-nothing president.

Foreign policy was even worse. He devised an Afghanistan withdrawal timetable to suit his election needs and pulled all troops out of Iraq, leading to the immediate unraveling of what had until then been a reasonably successful part of his foreign policy. He dawdled on Syria. He dawdled on Libya. Thousands died as “leading behind” became the watchword of his presidency. He arm-twisted Georgia to let Russia into the WTO, while Vladimir Putin, in his best imitation of the czars, imprisoned political opponents and ran a phony election. Obama stumbled through the Arab Spring without articulating any U.S. policy. If honest, he would have admitted that we had none.


Curiously, Ace of Spades (who coined, or at the least certainly did much to publicize the acronym in the above headline) notes, the Obama administration even had a chance to put a Band-Aid on some of his foreign policy, but his harsh and punitive political correctness prevents him from doing so. As Ace writes, “Rick Perry Attacks Obama On Failing To Honor Returning Iraq Veterans:”

I didn’t even say “heroes” because that upsets the liberals. And I don’t even want this to be overly partisanized, because the left will of course double down.

So you hate the war. Got it. Check. But you have also long claimed you support the troops, and you’ve also claimed that you’re terribly upset that our boys are being sent off to fight in an unnecessary and unwinnable war.

If that’s the case, shouldn’t they be honored for their sacrifice? If President Bush ill-served them, isn’t that all the more reason to honor them for their duty and courage?

But no, there will be no fanfare. It’s Vietnam II: The Chickens Come Home To Roost for the left.


Why, it’s as if the president is trapped in the 1970s, mentally encased inside his own worldview’s permanent malaise.


And despite all that, “Barack Obama Will Still Be President on January 19, 2017,” Zombie writes today at PJM, “unless we jettison this freak show of Republican so-called candidates.”


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