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Tim Tebow, Denver Broncos to Usher In Devastating Anti-Semitic Pogrom

Or as Ace writes, “Grave New Worry of the Bien Pensant Left: If Tim Tebow Wins The Super Bowl, There Could Be a Christian Wildfire Resulting In Riots and Mayhem:”


If the Broncos, 7-5 and not really what you’d call a dominant football team, not only make the playoffs but defeat the Patriots and/or the Ravens and then go on to defeat Green Bay, 13-0 and likely one of the all-time best teams to ever play the game, that heralds the Rapture and then the End of Days tribulations.In any event, enjoy the ravings of a religious bigot straining mightily to explain, like a Klansman might, that his bigotry and hatred are rational, man.

Next Sunday, the Broncos host the New England Patriots in a game coveted so much by the networks that NBC and CBS sparred in unprecedented fashion over who would get to broadcast it. And why not? While the Patriots are adored by their fans (myself included), to many nationwide they are regarded as the Sons of Darkness, with their perfectly coiffed Hollywood quarterback and their brilliant – one might say diabolical – hoodie-clad coach.And, oh yes, the most identifiably Jewish owner in sports. Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and Bob Kraft are all upstanding citizens, moral exemplars in their home communities, but in this Oberammergau of the Rockies, they are playing the role of Pilate.

People are always looking for signs of God’s beneficence, and a victory by the Orange Crush over the blue-clad Patriots, from the bluest of blue states, will give fodder to a Christian revivalism that has already turned the Republican presidential race into a pander-thon to social conservatives, rekindling memories of those cultural icons of the ‘80s, the Moral Majority and “Hee Haw.” The culture wars are alive and well, and, if the current climate in Washington is any indicator, the motors are being revved up for what will undoubtedly be the most cantankerous Presidential campaign ever. When supposedly well-educated candidates publicly question overwhelming scientific evidence on climate change and evolution and then gain electoral traction by fabricating conspiracies about a war on Christmas, these are not rational times.

I’m bolding that to note that while this guy is coming from the Jewish perspective, he is more crucially coming from a liberal perspective, and he’s been taught, as many liberals have been, that Hatred is a powerful and useful weapon, and can be righteously wielded against the Unworthy.


If by chance the Broncos win it all, I’m sure the resulting horrors across the land will be even worse than when Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ played in packed movie theaters in 2004. We all remember what happened back then, right?

Absolutely nothing.

Back in April of 2004, Rabbi Aryeh Spero noted in the Wall Street Journal:

And herein lies one of the most disheartening but salient observations one is forced to make, post-“Passion,” about many in the Jewish community: They still don’t get it. Even after more than two charmed centuries in America, they confuse contemporary America with medieval and postmedieval Europe, still not realizing how America and American Christians are a category wholly different from those of other nations, other religions and other strains of Christianity.

* * *
To be sure, there were justifiable reasons for apprehension given some elements in and circumstances surrounding the film. Aside from the understandable worry that Jews were for the first time being depicted on widely distributed American celluloid as eager for Jesus’ death, there was the devilish ugliness in which they were physically portrayed, something not found in the New Testament. The graphic ugliness, blood and gore was thought to be potentially more scorching than the Gospel text.What’s more, Mr. Gibson’s father is a notorious Holocaust denier. Surmising that perhaps branch follows root, some suspected that the producer-director’s intent was to portray Jews as the focal point of evil in the crucifixion episode, to return us to the pre-Vatican II days of Jews as official “Christ-killers.” Mr. Gibson declined to distance himself from his father’s remarks about Jews, whether because he agreed or simply out of filial loyalty. Added to this mix was the combustible ingredient of Mr. Gibson’s subscription to a fundamentalist brand of Catholicism critical of Vatican II.

Yet for all this, acts against Jews never materialized. The reason is that anti-Semitism flowers not so much in the seed as in the soil, and the American soil–the disposition of its people–has proved over two centuries to be remarkably resistant to strains of anti-Semitism.


But that doesn’t mean that somebody won’t get the vapors over that ole-time religion and those who openly practice it. Or as Andrew Klavan noted yesterday, “Tis the Season of Christ-o-phobia.”

Related: Despite cries from the MSM in 2009 that the Tea Party was ushering in a new age of racial terror, the nation as a whole, not to mention its public parks, seemed to emerge rather unscathed from their efforts. (Despite the best efforts of the MSM to pin Gabrielle Giffords’ shooting on them. Or at least their clip art.) Contrast that with the damage that’s been done to America’s bluest cities by the far left but “mostly peaceful” Occupy Wall Street gang.

Could it be that for decades, the MSM have constantly looked to the wrong side of the aisle for the Dark Night of Fascism to emerge?


Update (12/14/11): Rabbi Joshua Hammerman’s screed has gone down the Memory Hole at The Jewish Week, but Newsbusters managed to grab a screencap before it was “disappeared.”

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