Ed Driscoll

NBC: Just the Beer Light to Guide Us

Stacy McCain reads NBC’s Website so that you don’t have to, notices a heretofore little-discussed aspect of Rick Santorum’s libational palette:

AMANA, Iowa — In case you were wondering what sort of beers the former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum drinks, reporters trailing him Sunday now have a complete list.

“It’s the stouts, the bocks, and then the white ales — and wheats,” Santorum told a small group of media. He added later: “I don’t do wine tastings. I do beer tastings.”

The GOP hopeful was sidled up to the tasting bar at Millstream Brewery, a local microbrewery in a historic landmark town lined with colonial-style houses and storefronts. The bartender served a small glass of the brewery’s prizewinner, a dark and frothy beer called Back Road Stout.”

“Will this hurt Santorum with the teetotalers?” Stacy asks. “Or will he lose votes with Joe Six-Pack for drinking ‘fancy’ beers? I dunno.”

I’m not sure either — but I know somebody who might be willing to discuss this “spirited” topic further…

Oh, and speaking of NBC, while their Website has enough time and staff to focus on a likely second-tier GOP presidential candidate’s taste in beer, and the TV network is happy to sign-up Chelsea Clinton in the role of Brenda Starr, Student Reporter, according to Big Journalism, the network’s flagship Nightly News show has jettisoned the second word in their title: “Fast and Furious Watch: No Coverage From NBC Nightly News in All of 2011.”

Which seems kind of odd, considering viewers were told that “No one understands this NASCAR nation more than Brian,” when Williams was promoted to the role of network anchorman in November of 2004. I’m sure it’s just an oversight that he and his producers have been skipping a story about which that exact demographic just might be rather interested in.

(Headline via Mr. Z. Stardust — who played guitar, or so I’m told.)