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#Occupyfail: Occupy Black Friday

Stacy McCain has some fun with the Occumutants:

We know Occupiers are stupid, but the fathomless depth of their ignorance simply amazes me: How do you demonize “corporations” but exempt from your criticism the shoppers whose purchases supply revenue to those businesses? Aren’t the customers and employees — by their voluntary cooperation in the capitalist enterprise — as guilty as the corporate CEO? And why do the Occupy protesters think Wal-Mart is evil, while the local mom-and-pop store is OK?

Fortunately though, one mansion-dwelling member of the One Percent is eager to publicly defend Big Business. "F*** all these small businesses -- f*** 'em all! Bring in the chains. The small businesspeople are the rednecks that run the town and suppress the people. F*** 'em all. That's how I feel," Michael Moore was quoted as saying in 2002.

Update: Found via Bryan Preston at the Tatler, who dubs it a case of "Tea Party for the Win, Again," CNBC -- often the odd sister out amongst the otherwise Occufriendly Lyin’ Ass Bitch NBC networks reports, "Tea Party Activists Challenge 'Occupy Black Friday' With 'BUYcott Black Friday.'"