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Police Move in on 'Occupy Boston' Protesters; 'Scores Arrested'

“Boston police moved in and began arresting scores of Occupy Boston protesters who refused to leave a large part of the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway early this morning,” according to the New York Times-owned Boston Globe:


At 1:20 a.m., the first riot police officers lined up on Atlantic Avenue. Minutes later, dozens of sheriff vans and police wagons arrived and over 200 officers in uniforms and riot gear surrounded the Greenway.

Police Superintendent William Evans and Commissioner Edward F. Davis watched from across the street. Evans gave the crowd two minutes to disperse from the park, warning that they would be locked up if they did not comply.

The crowd of protesters, energized by the sudden appearance of the Boston and Transit police officers, chanted, ‘‘The people united will never be defeated,’’ “This is a peaceful protest,” and “the whole world is watching.’’

About 10 minutes later, the first officers entered the park and surrounded the group. Evans, using a loudspeaker, gave one more warning and then each protester was individually put on his or her stomach, cable-tied, and dragged off as others tore down tents and arrested and detained people on the fringe of the park.

About 100 people were arrested, Davis said. One police officer was hit in the face.

At the Washington Times, Kerry Picket links to this video of the Boston PD moving in:


Kerry adds that “In the early morning hours on Tuesday, Boston, Seattle, Dallas, St. Louis and Atlanta police departments reportedly moved in on ‘Occupy’ demonstrator camps,” and after seeing Webpages such this one titled, “Overwhelming Stench and Filth at #OWS as Protesters Chant, ‘You Can Have Sex With Animals,'” I can’t say I blame them.

Having recently declared that America has gotten too soft over the years, presumably President Obama praises the efforts of the local police departments to reign in such self-indulgent protests and reassert law and order.

Right? (Besides, he really needs Wall Street back up and functioning at 100 percent to keep the campaign cash flowing in.)

In any case, more as it comes in.

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