Ed Driscoll

Dispatches from Melodrama Obama

Once upon a time in the hopeychangy mists of 2008, the MSM created the myth of “No Drama Obama” — which was a stretch even then for a guy who took his ques from Rev. Wright’s Frankfurt school fire and brimstone speeches. So much for that idea; as Ace writes, “Carney: No, We Won’t Write Our Plan Down. More Carney: To Even Ask That The President Show His Plan Is To Repeat a ‘Republican Talking Point:'”

Because they don’t have one.

Chuck Todd: “Release your plan” Jay Carney: “We’ve shown a lot of leg” Todd: “Why not just release it?” Carney: “You need it written down?”

Yes, yes we do. It’s an old old old negotiating trick to force the other side to make their starting offer first. The one who speaks first defines the outer parameters, the best case scenario, of what they seek. The deal will get no better for them from there.

But Obama has gotten the Republicans to speak first, and second, and third, and fourth. He continues offering no solutions himself, no proposals, because politically he doesn’t want to take ownership of anything that happens; he wants to claim that he merely presided over a negotiation between Senate Democrats and House Republicans.

But that’s a lie, of course. Reid and Boehner were actually making progress on a plan until Obama blew it up, by speaking up for the leftwing Congressional caucus and making fresh demands.

While what is described as financial apocalypse by Obama himself looms on the horizon of next week, he continues to sit back and invite everyone else to court him, doing nothing at all but receiving others’ entreaties.

This is psychologically where he lives. His whole life has been nothing but other people coming to him to kiss his ass, while he does nothing but provide “hope;” why would his presidency be any different?

He’s not a leader. He’s a cheerleader smiling for votes for Prom Queen.

And of course, “White House Did Not Want GOP Response to Presidential Speech” — The Big Guy only does a solo. (Well, a duo, if you count the TOTUS.)

Update: At the Tatler, Bryan Preston adds, “Here’s video of Carney getting grilled over his boss’ lack of a plan. The reporters’ collective groan reacting to Carney is priceless.”