Ed Driscoll

I Hate to Work VodkaPundit's Side of the Newsroom, But...

“Teens warned of risks from ‘vodka tampon’ use,” one German Website warns. Younger readers in the audience may find this hard to believe, but some of us oldtimers can remember when it fashionable to drink vodka out of a glass. Today, kids like to leave the ‘g’ and the ‘l’ off for savings:

Police in the Baden-Württemburg city of Tuttlingen responded Tuesday to growing online chatter among teenagers that they could become intoxicated using the vodka tampons without having alcohol on their breath.

This is not true, police said, denying that it was an effective way to get drunk. They also warned girls that the alcohol could damage vaginal walls and increase the risk of infection. Boys have reportedly also been using tampons anally.

“I believe this is very dangerous,” head of a children’s clinic in Singen told southern German paper Südkurier last week. “For us this is a new thing.”

In early March a 14-year-old girl collapsed during a street festival in Konstanz, apparently highly intoxicated from using a vodka tampon, the paper reported.

Youth researchers have since found out that this form of alcohol abuse is trendy in the region.

Because let’s face it, consuming vodka through your eyeball is sooo 2010.