Ed Driscoll

Like a Hurricane

At MSNBC, not surprisingly, it’s two networks in one, as James Taranto notes in today’s Best of the Web column:

Economic Disaster, Take 2
Our friends at NewsBusters.org offer this priceless juxtaposition from the MSNBC website. According to a report yesterday, natural disasters help explain the high unemployment rate:

Sadly not all workers have been so lucky. Their homes or places of business have been destroyed in this year’s wave of storms, tornadoes and flooding. That means thousands of workers in the South and Midwest could be out of work for some time, potentially pushing up the nation’s jobless rate and further taxing financially strapped state unemployment funds.

But an MSNBC report in 2004, when unemployment was much lower and a Republican was in the White House, made the opposite claim

Economists, who have been burned over the past few months by reports that fell short of expectations, are once again looking for a solid report, partly because of an expected rebound after four hurricanes tore through Florida and other southern states in August and September.

The 2004 report also observes: “With the election over, the monthly employment report due Friday lacks the sense of urgency and drama of recent months, when the closely watched figures were apt to set off waves of political rhetoric and spin.” Plus ça change!

No wonder it’s so hard for the left to decide when it’s the proper time to root for a hurricane.