Ed Driscoll

Racer Dave

David Letterman proves that you can take the host out of NBC, but you can’t take the NBC out of the host. Click over to Big Hollywood for the video; as John Nolte writes,“Letterman Sounds Blacklist ‘Dog-whistle’; Threatens to Ban Trump for Being a Communist Racist:”

Was questioning George W. Bush’s intelligence racist — a phony narrative Letterman himself relentlessly pushed?

Was digging into Bush’s National Guard records three-years into his presidency racist and off-limits?

Letterman knows Trump is no racist, he’s just trying to chill the billionaire into silence and at the same time send a ‘dog-whistle’ to his showbiz pals to follow suit. They all watched Obama’s poll numbers drop as Trump went after their precious one, and now they’re hurling around the word “racist” just as readily as McCarthy hurled “communist” in order to shut Trump up and shut him down.

This is nothing more than a variation of the showbiz blacklist of the 1950s; the creation of a phony charge in order to intimidate into silence and marginalize a political opponent.

Just as there are Birthers, there are now Racers — people obsessed with race and using the race card as a political weapon.

You’d think Dave would be more “thoughtful” than that.