Layers and Layers of Fact Checkers and Editors

Today’s Correction of the Year from the New York Times:

A series of pictures last Sunday of covers of the magazine Tiger Beat, with an article about how the original teen-girl tabloid has remained virtually unchanged since its inception in 1965, erroneously included a parody cover, produced by the satiric newspaper The Onion, that featured a picture of President Obama.


Actually, given the teenage schoolgirl-level of the Times’ own adoration for America’s totally cool and dreamy Unicorn Rider, I’m not at all surprised this slipped though. I mean, when a story begins like this…

The other night I dreamt of Barack Obama. He was taking a shower right when I needed to get into the bathroom to shave my legs, and then he was being yelled at by my husband, Max, for smoking in the house. It was not clear whether Max was feeling protective of the president’s health or jealous because of the cigarette.

Oh wait, that’s not from the Onion (or Tiger Beat), that’s the New York Times.

But who can tell the difference these days?


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