Ed Driscoll

That's Haile Selassie of You

The Rastafarians are right — Jah is real, mon — and this gentleman proudly shouts out his name to the heathens of Wisconsin:

[youtube w_RkyMZ9D9A]

And speaking of religious beliefs, perhaps, like Anthony Quinn’s character in Lawrence of Arabia, this fellow is afraid that to be photographed is to have a portion of your soul stolen. Because he really, really, really does not want to be videotaped at a very public demonstration. Incidentally, note once again, the effective use of two cameras, to reduce the odds of a camera being destroyed by an otherwise peaceable tolerant law-abiding (possibly law-enforcing?) progressive:


[youtube NRWslIZS4Bo]

And remember, all of this occurred before Paul Krugman told these typical New York Times readers that the civility he so publicly insists upon (at least since January) could now safely be discarded by our newly weaponized taxpayer-funded government unions:

[youtube PI16Zo_eAR8]

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