Ed Driscoll

Scary-Ass Charts of the Day

First up, from Gas Buddy.com appropriately enough, the six year average of American gas prices — click to expand:

And via Moe Lane, Clarion Advisory has a “Food Stamp Graph… gulp.” Indeed:
What does it mean? “Something has got to give,” Steve Green writes:

Right now it seems like the only thing keeping inflation in check is the weak job market — and don’t tell me that last month’s jobs report, with 20% underemployment, shows some kind of underlying strength in our economy. Something has got to give, and it’s either going to be a another nasty bout of stagflation — “but the Keynesians say that’s impossible!” — or worse.

Or to also put it into graphical terms:

Gas chart found via Kate at Small Dead Animals, who also links to a quote that sums it all up as well.

Update: As Lonely Conservative notes, “Frances Fox Piven must look at graphs like this one and jump for joy. Just look at how many Americans are now dependent on the government for subsistence. Boy, it’s like it was by design or something.”