Ed Driscoll

One Leg Too Few

“Cops capture one-legged thief who stole cell phone from woman at laundromat,” claims a New York Daily News headline that (of course) the Drudge Report links to:


This guy was no one-armed bandit, but he did hop into a Brooklyn laundermat on one leg and swipe a worker’s cell phone.

Predictably, the suspect didn’t get far before cops – relying on victim Marlene Ramos‘ description of the unusual thief and his accomplice – caught up to him.

“I said. ‘You can’t miss them – one has both legs the other just doesn’t,'” said Ramos, an attendant at Dirtbusters on Atlantic Ave.

“He’s a one-legged thief.”

No word yet if the thief turned to crime after a failed career in acting:

[youtube dFoagC5yGY0]

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