Ed Driscoll

The Godwin is Strong in this One

As spotted at Eyeblast.tv, along with video:

Union protesters and supporters have been holding signs ever since Wisconsin saying “Hitler didn’t want unions too” – a blatantly obvious knock at Gov. Scott Walker. Now, Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown (D) has picked up the tag line.

Here, he says that Hitler, Stalin, and Mubarak didn’t want unions, only to later clarify “I’m not comparing what’s happening to the workers in Madison or Columbus to Hitler and Stalin.”

Right. The comparison was just conveniently made for no reason…

And it was “prebutted” by Brooks Bayne of the Graph last month — “Hitler Didn’t Outlaw Unions — As a National Socialist, He Went Double-Down On Them.”

Read the whole thing.

(Hat tip: The Right Sphere.)