Ed Driscoll

Out of the Cool

As Ed Morrissey writes, “Barrasso, Inhofe tag-team Boxer on 1970s ‘New Ice Age’ exposure of Holdren:”

I’m old enough to remember when scientists issued alarms over a coming Ice Age that would wipe out life on Earth on a massive scale. Senator John Barrasso’s memory holds up pretty well, too, and he reminded everyone of the consensus in the 1970s that the climate had begun to cool so significantly that, er, the world needed massive government interventions in energy production and consumption to survive it. Barrasso quotes from Newsweek and Time articles of the period. Senator Tom Udall attempts to ride to EPW Chair Barbara Boxer’s rescue by introducing an article that claims the global-cooling consensus of the 1970s was a “myth,” and Boxer urges Udall to add it to the record. But that’s just the set-up Jim Inhofe needed to complete this two-man demolition of “consensus” and to expose the main White House adviser on climate change as a chronic crank, as the Daily Caller reports.

As Jose Guardia wrote last month, “The news archives are bitches, especially for the ecochondriacs.”

Click over to Ed or the Daily Caller for the video from earlier today. As for Holdren’s more recent wacky Dr. Strangelove-esque scheme to fight global warming, from shortly after the Obama administration took office and were really feeling their oats, just click here.

Speaking of video, we also explored how prevalent the global cooling meme was in the 1970s, in our December of 2009 edition of Silicon Graffiti, “Hide the Decline:”

[blip.tv ?posts_id=2937757&dest=-1]

And for a look at Inhofe’s recent encounter with another ecochondriac, just click here.

By the way, when will this topic involving a Global Warming/Cooling/Climate Change/Climate Chaos true believer come up in the Senate? “Obama flies workout trainer out to D.C. often, increases carbon footprint:”

Washington may be the nation’s capital — and one of America’s fittest cities — but its trainers apparently don’t cut it for President Barack Obama, who frequently flies his personal fitness instructor from Chicago to D.C., reports the New York Times.

* * *

“He is very motivated and he loves to work, so that makes it very easy for me,” Mr. McClellan said.

It’s unclear how often McClellan makes the trip from Chicago to Washington, but this news comes as somewhat of a surprise considering the president ordered federal workers last year to cut down on business travel to reduce heat-trapping emissions.

Oh, I don’t think it’s that big of a surprise after three years of “carbon footprints are for the little people,” is it?

Update: Fellow PJ Express blogger Zombie, who dug Holdren’s global cooling obsessions from the early 1970s out of the Memory Hole in 2009, had that post read aloud in the Senate today. “How often do blog posts make it into the Senate record? Zombie writes at the Tatler, “I’m not sure, but we now know at least one has made it that far.”