Ed Driscoll

Because You Can't Spell Cliche without 'Che'

This is CNN, where the ubiquitous Charlie Sheen dropped by on Monday; note whom he was favorably compared to:

Charlie Sheen made a sudden live appearance on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight, carrying test results that declared him drug-free and proclaimed, “I’m super-bitchin’ [and] I don’t believe myself to be an addict.” Morgan called Sheen “the Che Guevara of television” and “one of life’s great characters.”


Gosh, whatever Charlie’s chemical excesses, I’ve never thought of him as a blood-thirsty killer. And ironically, the real Che wouldn’t look too kindly upon Sheen’s hedonism, even before it went into maximum overdrive.

No wonder Morgan was hired by CNN; his choice of heroes makes him fit right in with its existing corporate culture that’s never met a tyrant it didn’t want to prop-up.

(And if the CNN gig ever falls apart, perhaps Morgan can become a corporate spokesman for AIG, or a campaign worker for President Obama. Well, even more so than he is right now.)

Here’s a little refresher for CNN:

[youtube iQcUkd1w_TY]

(Headline via Kyle Smith.)

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