Ed Driscoll

Downhill Racer

‘Royal Family Goes On Skiing Trip Days After Obama Tells Americans to ‘Put Off A Vacation,'” the Weasel Zippers write with snark aforethought:

The trip came just days after the President tried to sell his cost-cutting budget to the American people by asking them to stay at home.

‘If you’re a family trying to cut back, you might skip going out to dinner, or you might put off a vacation,’ he said.

While Mr Obama is staying put at the White House, the rest of his family headed to Colorado – rather than visiting slopes closer to Washington in Virginia or Pennsylvania.

Their trip came despite previous criticisms over the family’s extravagant vacations, including a trip last summer to Spain.

Elsewhere on the corner of Barack and hypocrisy, Breaking News Online reports, “World oil prices rise in response to political crisis in major oil producer Libya.”

Will the rise be sufficiently gradual for the president?

[youtube t4Tmi_fpUHs]

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