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Behind the Scenes of Atlas Shrugged

The producers of the long, long awaited adaptation of Atlas Shrugged have released a new “making of” YouTube clip, to whet appetites prior to the film’s April 15th debut. (What better day?)

Reason.com adds:

“The whole theme of the movie is, really, human evil,” says Brian O’Toole, the screenwriter behind Atlas Shrugged Part I, the feature adaptation of Ayn Rand’s influential novel. “And human evil springs from good intentions.”

O’Toole and producer Harmon Kaslow tell Reason.tv what viewers can expect to see in the movie, which covers the first of three sections in Rand’s novel.

“This movie really comes across as a very empowering movie for women,” says Kaslow. “It’s about a woman who takes on a lot of forces working against her.”

There’s also plenty of high-speed rail, but at least it’s privately-owned high-speed rail. Nothing wrong with that:

[youtube a8Y_IUgoyCk]

Reason TV also shot their own behind the scenes look at the movie last summer, and has plenty of additional Rand-related videos on their YouTube page.

[youtube ooOfe_-5TlY]

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