Ed Driscoll

Bloomberg on the Rocks

Talk about a strange brew — as the New York Post reports, “Mayor Bloomberg likes his beer cold — really cold:”

Standing inside the just-expanded Brooklyn Brewery yesterday, the mayor revealed that his unorthodox approach to drinking beer requires ice.

“I actually put ice in my beer,” the mayor said. “Most people don’t.”

Hearing a gasp from the crowd, he explained: “I know. I’ve always done it. I don’t think it comes from Boston.”

The only other man I can think of who likes his beer with ice is former Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins head coach Jimmy Johnson, who at one time enjoyed Heineken on the rocks. (Check the first paragraph of this Sports Illustrated article from 1989, or repeated references in Skip Bayless’ 1994 book, The Boys.) And while I don’t know Johnson or Bloomberg, I still think it’s safe to say that Mayor Mike is no Jimmy Johnson.