Ed Driscoll

Building a not-so-Glamorous Bridge to 1984

Found at Ann Althouse’s blog:

If “intellectual diversity” and “personal responsibility” have been deemed as code words of right-wing oppression, [It’s a neocon plot; but then, so is everything–Ed] just what the hell words or phrases do they use when they are trying to talk about intellectual diversity or personal responsibility?

Hey, nobody said it was easy being in the campus closet as a Friend of Ayn:

You hide yourself in plain sight. You make comments that are carefully crafted to allow you to make small talk, and which will allow your colleagues to think you’re in agreement with them, but which nevertheless satisfy your own sense of integrity. You never lie. You just make comments and allow them to draw their own conclusions. A classic example is the way I’ll make comments about politics, saying things like “I don’t trust politicians, period.” My liberal colleagues will nod and agree. We’re all in agreement, they believe. It gets easy after a while. You make comments about Marxist ideology that are really rather neutral, such as how you see similarities between Marx’s views, and something else. You leave it unstated that in fact you think this is appalling, while they nod and smile at the continuing relevance of Marxism in today’s society. Everyone is happy. I don’t feel quite so happy when someone says something about “stupid f**king conservatives” (I’m quoting exact words here), but I just nod, and say “ugh-huh”.

Because otherwise, you’ve stumbled into the title scenario of Roger L. Simon’s recent book, and blacklisted yourself.