Ed Driscoll

I Shouted Out Who Killed The Kennedys, When After All, It Was A&E

At the Tatler, Roger L. Simon highlights the latest edition of his Poliwood show on PJTV: 

Joel Surnow of 24 made an expensive mini-series about the Kennedy family (called, you will not be surprised, The Kennedys) for the History Channel. But for a variety of reasons Lionel Chetwynd and I detail on the new POLIWOOD, the History Channel chose not to show it. (One of those reasons, you again will not be surprised to learn, is that the series apparently shows the Kennedy boys to have been a bit more randy than the surviving family members would like to admit.) Anyway, have a look at our show and see what you think. You may yet get to see The Kennedys for yourself, because producer Surnow is shopping it to other networks. We’ll see if anyone has the courage to step up.

Shades of how the DVD edition of The Path to 9/11 was similarly stonewalled by the same parent company.