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The Anti-Electric Horseman

The makers of Not Evil Just Wrong, a documentary that casts a rare skeptical cinematic eye on the left’s global warming hysteria, have a short new video focusing on Robert Redford’s eco-hypocrisy:

[youtube YaUQQMv80Oo]

Redford was just in the news, saying that he’s disappointed that the phone doesn’t ring as much as he’d like these days:

This week, the 74-year-old iconic actor and founder of the Sundance Film Festival lamented that no one asks him to be in movies anymore.He told ABC News Now’s “Popcorn With Peter Travers:” “I ask the question — I say, ‘Hey I’d like to be [in that movie]’ and they say, ‘Would you? You’re kidding.’ And I say ‘No.'”

He added, “Something is happening over the years that makes a lot of people think that I don’t do this anymore, when the truth is, it’s what I enjoy most.”

But Redford hasn’t starred in a live-action movie that’s grossed over $100 million domestically since Indecent Proposal in 1993. And after his outspoken anti-Bush activism during the previous decade, he’s increasingly anathema to flyover country audiences.

The video above points out Redford’s eco-hypocrisy, being anti-oil (he’s also anti-coal of course. I wonder what he thinks will power all those Priuses?) while taking hefty fees for doing voice-overs for United Airlines.  (Doublethink — you’re soaking in it!) But shouldn’t a dedicated environmentalist be glad that he’s not being asked to star in the wasteful consumer products being produced by Hollywood — think of all the chemicals involved in film and video production, the electricity wasted, the carbon footprint of the lights, etc.

I mean, Redford should look to James Cameron as a guy who understands how to reduce consumption. As Cameron noted last fall, “DVDs are wasteful…It’s a consumer product like any consumer product.” As Deceiver.com added though, Cameron, while simultaneously trashing DVDs as a wasteful consumer product, was simultaneously hawking  three different DVD versions of Avatar:

But he’s the guy behind the three separate Avatar DVD releases in the first freakin’ place. There was one released on Earth Day, there’s another coming out for Christmas (in his words, “the all-singing, all-dancing, all-bells-and-whistles DVD”), and the 3D version set for release next year to give people enough time to get rid of their rinky-dink hamster-powered televisions and upgrade to an energy-sucking 3D-enabled plasma screen and the accompanying 3D Blu-Ray DVD player.

Plus those 3D glasses produced en masse for theater-goers? Yup, plastic.

And don’t forget the Avatar-themed toys and lunchboxes and Halloween costumes and sheet sets available at Wal-Mart.

But he’s not the one buying all that crap. You are, so you’re the wasteful one, see. He’s just giving you what you want, and preaching about plastic bottles and energy consumption in the meantime.

I think what he really means is: Die, Earth! Die!

Well, except for this corner of the earth, as the Not Evil, Just Wrong folks highlighted in an earlier video:

[youtube TKZ4RolQxec]

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