Ed Driscoll

Lethal Hypocrite

Has the disparity between how two celebrities disport themselves onscreen and off ever been as wide as Danny Glover and Mel Gibson? The two had Hope-and-Crosby-level charm as a duo in their Lethal Weapon movies — and yet each man has worked very hard to destroy their audience’s goodwill via their boorish behavior offscreen.

Gibson’s renowned antisemitism has been thoroughly discussed. But Greg Gutfeld sums up Glover’s unique hypocrisy with this headline: “Same Danny Glover Blaming Right for Tucson Violence is Out Promoting Black Power Film:”

It’s worth noting that Glover is busy promoting a film he coproduced called The Black Power Mixtape. The movie is about, as you can guess, Black Power, an oft-romanticized phenomenon rife with authentically violent rhetoric, much of it leading to authentically violent violence!

Remember the Black Panthers in their commie berets, posing with guns? Or that vicious nutbag Angela Davis, once tried for murder? And of course, there was Huey Newton – a brutish criminal who died a brutal death.

And there’s nothing more heartwarming than little black kids taught to sing, “pick up your guns.” All the new footage came from Swedish journalists, so you know they think it’s cool.

Stick to meatballs, people.

Anyway, out of fear of being perceived as racist, the media always wraps this movement in phony language – rather than condemn it, they say it simply illustrates how divisive the country once was.

So rag on the Tea Party instead. As one idiot reviewer notes, the film “made me think… of how many of the radical statements espoused by the Black Panthers are now being echoed by the Tea Party.”

Well… I guess that means the Tea Party should be expecting better press!

Time for Park Avenue and Hyde Park to start calling!