'That Didn't Last Long'

Michelle Malkin makes the ultimate modest proposal for the Obama administration: “Give the race card a rest” on MLK Day:

That didn’t last long.

After exhorting the nation to steer away from discourse that “has become so sharply polarized,” President Obama and his administration will mark Martin Luther King Day by framing Obamacare as a “civil rights victory” (which means if you oppose it, you’re akin to slavery proponents, as Harry Reid posited earlier this year) and by consorting with one of the worst race-hustling demagogues in America, Al Sharpton.


“Yes, that Al Sharpton,” Michelle quips, adding, “How about, in the interest of ‘healing,’ giving the race card a rest?”

But to paraphrase Gordon Gekko, for the Obama White House and Sharpton, race hustling never sleeps.

Don’t miss the video she has of Sharpton’s appearance on CSPAN, which doesn’t go entirely as planned.

Or Sharpton’s appearance today on MSNBC — which also doesn’t go entirely as planned.


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