Albert is Everywhere!

A decade after Elvis Presley’s death, Mojo Nixon released the memorable song, “Elvis is Everywhere,” a tribute to the continued omnipresence throughout America of an otherwise missing in action celebrity:


[youtube e_hkIN38qnY]

While Al Gore’s presence this year was great diminished (other than on tabloid covers at the supermarket checkout lines), that doesn’t mean the environmental and musical legend isn’t as omnipresent.

Found via Tammy Bruce, he’s in Alaska:

[youtube Vx7hdtzp-P8]

And he’s in Afghanistan:

Marines use shovels to attempt to dig out a Mine Resistant, Ambush Protected vehicle in the rain Dec. 19 after it sunk into the soft mud flats near Observation Post “ManBearPig.” (Photo by Sgt. Brian Tuthill)

Yes indeed, there’s a military post in Afghanistan named after the South Park parody of Al’s Ahab-like obsessions.

Where in the world will Albert Sandiego be spotted next?


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