Ed Driscoll

Impurifying Our Precious Bodily Fluids

Back in late 2001, Reason magazine’s Ronald Bailey wrote a brilliant article titled, “Impurifying our precious bodily fluids,” in which Bailey noted that the MacGuffin of Dr. Strangelove, Gen. Ripper’s Bircheresque fear of fluoride, began to take a left turn during the 1990s:

During the 2000 presidential campaign, Green Party candidate and left-wing icon Ralph Nader came out against fluoridation. Now groups like the Sierra Club claim that there are “valid concerns” about the “potential adverse impact of fluoridation on the environment, wildlife, and human health.” Often-cited “adverse health impacts” of fluoridated water include bone cancer, depressed thyroid function, lowered IQ, weakened bones, and discolored teeth. As the perpetual unscientific environmentalist campaigns against trace amounts of synthetic chemicals show, the left is now the political tendency most desperately afraid of impurifying our precious bodily fluids.

Flash-forward a decade, and the trend continues. Ritalin, long a conservative bugaboo, is now being railed against by liberal radio host Thom Hartmann, as Scott Baker of the Blaze notes:

You may have read our earlier post about this new study claiming that conservatism is evidence of a brain disorder.  Liberal radio host Thom Hartmann find the study to be fascinating.  And he’s adding a key theory of his own — that Ritalin may be turning children into conservatives:

[youtube VsE2QUngUyo]

I can no longer sit back and allow conservative infiltration, conservative indoctrination, conservative subversion, and the national Tea Party conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids!

(Otherwise, botched joke defense in 3..2..1..?)

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