'End Obama's Wars!'

Pennsylvania-based blogger Tania Gail wonders, Has The Worm Turned?” She has a photo on her blog of a placard being displayed at a recent Philadelphia-area protest. Click over to see it, which includes a man holding a sign, “End Obama’s Wars!”


During a recent Sheepdog rally in West Chester, I spotted a sign held by Andrew Barrett, a CCPM supporter and West Chester University SDS organizer.

He is holding a sign stating ‘End Obama’s Wars’. This is an unusually bold display by a member of the Chester County peace Movement (CCPM). Their signs were sanitized after Obama’s election to display more generic anti-everything messages. Prior to the 2008 election, the signs had a more targeted message.

I’m surprised Andrew didn’t take the initiative to draw chalk outlines of bodies as he has done in the past.

What is the importance of this sign in the midst of a radical left wing peace group? What you are seeing is an SDS organizer coming out against Obama,  a good friend of Bill Ayers.  Ayers was the most influential leader of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). Is this a techtonic shift in a political stance of the CCPM and the SDS?

Something tells me that come 2012, they’ll be back in the Obama fold. To paraphrase Hillary’s famous aphorism, you don’t have to remain in love, you just have to remain in line.


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