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Caution, language alert — though I wouldn’t blame you if you added a few sympathetic retorts yourself while watching this:

[youtube kt_r-jO3lKE]

Update: Thanks to its being featured on Drudge, Tim Blair’s blog, Glenn Beck’s The Blaze Website, Gawker, et al, the above great moment in New York civil service under the capable hand of Nanny Bloomberg has 999,374 views on YouTube as of 11:30 PM, PST. To borrow from a related post from Glenn Reynolds, that’s “probably good news for Obama, as a third-party Bloomberg bid would probably siphon off squishy ‘no labels’ types from the Democrats.”


Meanwhile, found via Donald Douglas, here’s a time-lapse portrait of what this weekend in Belmar, New Jersey, 65 miles south of New York, looked like:



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