Oooh, That Smell

“UN Evacuated Due to Suspicious Odor,” Jim Hoft notes, holding his nose and linking to a Reuters report:

The U.N. Security Council and General Assembly were evacuated on Tuesday due to a “suspicious odor,” a U.N. spokesman said.

Spokesman Farhan Haq said the evacuation was a precautionary measure. “We are currently trying to identify the odor with local authorities,” he said.

Both the Security Council and the General Assembly had scheduled meetings on Tuesday, which were delayed by the evacuation.


Jim quips, “Did the Iranian regime sneak in food?”

And speaking of the UN, the great Theodore Dalrymple explains how everybody’s favorite blue-helmeted transnational bullies inadvertently supplied Haiti with cholera, via the nine scariest words in the English Language — I’m from the UN, and I’m Here to Help.


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