Ed Driscoll

'Learn or Don't Learn—But Don't Whine About It'

As Moe Lane of Red State writes, whining about losing Congress — particularly after the massive bait and switch in 2006 of running centrist, sometimes even vaguely conservative sounding Congressmen who would then vote in lockstep as crash test dummies for first Nancy Pelosi and then both Pelosi and Barack Obama is rather unbecoming:

House Democrats are not handling their recent spanking well.  They’re especially distraught over losing control of the House in such an insanely short time:

“We only had it for four years,” one senior Democrat lamented. “It took so long to get it back, and now it is all gone.”

Well, that’s what happens when politicians run as moderates and rule as liberals, Sparky.  This is also what happens when a political party lets itself be run by its liberal fringe on the legislative level and by a feckless dilettante on the executive.  And, finally, this is what happens when politicians ignore necessary business in order to pass ideological wish lists – then inform the American people that it’s all for their own good, so don’t worry their pretty little heads over it.  And what are the consequences of all of that?  The political party guilty of such behaviors gets promptly backhanded by the American people.  As we saw.

Learn or don’t learn, as you blessed well please – but do not whine about it.  It’s unbecoming.

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