Ed Driscoll

John Boehner, 'Mr. Hell No?' We Can Only Hope

John Boehner hasn’t even taken office yet as speaker, and already, he’s causing liberal journalists such as CBS’s Lesley Stahl, to reach for the smelling salts:

Introducing her interview with presumptive Speaker of the House John Boehner on Sunday’s 60 Minutes, CBS correspondent Lesley Stahl proclaimed: “…which John Boehner will show up as speaker, the deal-maker he’s been in the past or the more hardline conservative of late who’s aligned himself with the tea party that helped bring him and his party back into power?”Stahl noted how Boehner and President Obama “may have exchanged more words via television than in person. And most of them have been, shall we say, unfriendly.” She lamented how Boehner “was the one who urged Republicans in the House to vote as a block….Against all of Mr. Obama’s initiatives – health care, the stimulus, and on and on.” She added that “he escalated the attacks during the campaign” and later dubbed him “Mr. Hell No.”

We can only hope he lives up to this strong of an advance billing.

Funny tough, isn’t it, that Stahl can instantly dub Boehner a “hardline conservative,” and yet, when pressed, she can’t even name one conservative who actually works in her own news organization.

Elsewhere at CBS, “Condoleezza Rice Schools Katie Couric on Why U.S. Invaded Iraq.”

I’d love to see a former Bush official ask a legacy media journalist, you do remember that regime change was the Clinton Administration’s stated policy as well, right? And to ask them, would you prefer that have Saddam still in power, and watch the sputtering begin.

And speaking of the MSM and Boehner, Tom Brokaw of NBC hopes that the incoming Speaker and Obama will work together…to quit smoking.

And I thought Brokaw was a pro-choice kind of guy.