Ed Driscoll


“Well, now you know Obama’s really in trouble. The corpse of Richard Nixon is being dragged across the stage one more time,” Ann Althouse writes, along with a screen capture of the New York Times’ homepage today:

Apparently, these are newly released recordings — 265 more hours of Nixon talk — but it sounds like stuff we’ve heard a thousand times before.  But what a lovely distraction for us on this wintry weekend, when we might otherwise be wondering who, among the living, doesn’t have his head screwed on tight.

Meanwhile, having discarded the fierce moral urgency of change!™ and slowly transformed himself, foreign policy-wise at least into George W. Bush Lite, President(?) Obama is being compared by former (and likely future) supporters to an even better Republican role model* these days:

JESSE JACKSON, JR.: “Obamanomics” Is Just Warmed-Over “Reaganomics.”

As Glenn Reynolds writes, “Two thoughts: (1) If only. (2) This isn’t a good sign for Obama, despite its falsity.”

Hey, let’s cut to the chase and find a really small government Republican for Obama to emulate:

Now that would be…Change.

* Obama’s actually done a heck of a Nixon impersonation already.

Update: From Yid With Lid, “Anti-Semitic Nixon Tapes Released —But Just Like Today, In History Nothing is Ever As It Seems.”