Ed Driscoll

Time to Kill this Half-Baked Idea

“Federal nutrition bill would curb school bake sales,” Howard Portney writes at Examiner.com:

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not opposed to instilling healthful behaviors in our children. What I’m opposed to is the government mandating those behaviors. It might help the cause further if the First Lady’s White House Task Force on Obesity Report delivered to the president’s desk last May were not filled distortions and mischaracterizations of the childhood obesity epidemic.

* * *

In the meantime, maybe the First Lady and her hubby could set a better example by making their snack attacks—which include scarfing down ice cream, cookies, and fast food burgers—less conspicuous. The accompanying slideshow is made up of just a few of the snapshots taken in the time since Barack Obama was elected president. Healthy appetite, no?

Oh, that puritanical left.

Or not; the choice is up to you, President Obama.  You’ve been exposed yet again as a food-obsessed puritan with your recent, “I love you, man…Eat the salad,” quote, which places the above linked photos into further perspective. If you want to simulate the appearance of almost moving slightly away from the left, and a millimeter towards the center, why not kill this initiative, and send the message that in light of the current economy and the results of shellacking last month, that this is a power grab too far? Your next triangulation awaits, if you want it.

Or heck, maybe even two: “Finally, Air Force Can’t Afford Bombers, Schools Can’t Hold Bake Sales,” Reason’s Tim Cavanaugh quips.