Ed Driscoll

241 Seats and Counting—Most Held by GOP in over 60 Years

Hot on the heels of Bob “WooRYou?” Etheridge’s Friday concession to Renee Elmers, Stacy McCain spots Democratic Congressman Solomon Ortiz conceding tonight to GOP Congressman-elect Blake Farenthold in Texas, and writes:

So the GOP has scored a net gain of at least 62 seats and possibly as many as 64. Yet with the Republican victory in TX-27, Republicans have now crossed the threshold to 241 House seats — they most they’ve held in more than 60 years.

Which midterm races are still being hashed out? Here’s a handy scorecard.

Related:You know who all these GOP Congressional victories benefit? Barry O himself, according to the New York Times. Or as Ace of Spades HQ puts it,  “Old and Busted Delusion: The 2010 Midterm Election Results Underscore the Wild Popularity of Obama’s Agenda. New and Hot Delusion: Obama in a Landslide in 2012!”