Ed Driscoll

'Has The Left Gone All Fire and Brimstone?'

Linking to our “Olber Gantry” photoshop from the start of the week, at Big Journalism, Dana Loesch writes:

The left has long viewed people of faith to be naggy church mice and unfortunately the caricature stuck in pop-culture but then what does that make the left? I was in a restaurant the other evening, a restaurant sickeningly devoted to the green industry that there were instructions ordering patrons how to flush pasted on the wall behind the toilets and little cards on the sinks telling customers the management’s idea of a suitable size dollop of soap. I was waiting for someone to bust up into the ladies’ room, clutching a book of Van Jones speeches, hollering about how I was going to hell because THEY SAW I USED TWO DOLLOPS.

Do you get this feeling? Has the left become Carrie White’s mom? Have they become the much-hyped caricature they always present of their ideological opponents? Discuss.

This isn’t that new a development — Hillary was absolutely savaged by her fellow Democrats during the campaign in 2008, as were her supporters, presaging the left’s Alinsky-style attacks on everyone who didn’t drink the Kool-Aid over the past two years.

And Obama himself was always a Nanny State guy in a sharp ventless suit, and like Gantry, a hypocrite of the first order — playing Obama on your shoulder, while sneaking cigs on the campaign trail, and attempting to give America Jimmy Carter thermostat lectures, and then once in office, inviting Paul McCartney to party at the White House and flying Michelle off to lavish Spanish vacations.

But then, it’s hard out there for the Ruling Class — and those who aspire to the lofty heights of their pretensions.